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In 2000 Nurture Careers earlier made a humble beginning as


with LATEEF MASUDI a known career coach of the valley

Career Counselling and Guidance Company

Nurture Careers

Nurture Careers provides a holistic approach to counselling by catering to all strata of society, mainly to those students who have high aspirations but limited access to information. A career planning company "Nurture Careers” focuses on the innate capabilities of a student thus improving their skills to equip them for taking challenges of the future. By understanding their psychological needs, demands and resources available with both parents and students , we at Nature Careers realize the strengths and weakness of students so that they no longer falter while taking decisions about their choices in careers.

Career Counselling helps a student to know one’s own self, as well as work trends. This is to help them to take informed decision about their career and education. Not only this, career counseling can help manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues with family and disagreement between parents and children about making career choices.

The primary aim of career counselling is to help students choose a field that is in sync with their skills and their job expectations. Thus, with proper guidance and career counselling, most candidates end up choosing the right career, and perform their level best, which ultimately helps them build their career and succeed.

We provide integrated counselling to shape up a career in sync with personality thereby contributing to make this world a better place. In tune with modern slogan of education “ to know more and more of less and less “ we at Nurture Careers , catch the student at a young age and evaluate his /her interests thereby professionally guiding the student to stick to his/her field of interest rather than getting lost in career choices.

Providing a holistic approach to counselling by catering to all strata of society, mainly to those students who have high aspirations but limited access to information.

How we can Help you Idenify your career goals.

We consider your ambitions, skills, academics, status, achievements, experience and attitude.

Scientifc 94%

Humanitarian 60%

Competitive 97%

Bussiness Oriented 65%

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